The Artist Warehouse stock a huge range of artist pastels. Pastels are great for all ages and used in a variety of projects.

Constructed from pigments and bound together using a binding medium in stick form, Pastels are used directly in dry form and when done lightly results in a similar effect to oil paints. Heavy build-ups can create an impasto effect. Once applied to a surface the pastel pigments are shaped with a brush softened in solvent. Some of them include white spirit, turpentine, linseed oil, or vegetable oil. All of which you’ll find we stock at The Artist Warehouse.

Artist Pastels are a lot of fun for all ages. Professional pastels make for a vibrant medium. With a variety of pastels to choose from, there is something for everyone. Soft pastels create pure, brilliant, and intense pieces that stay that way. Oil pastels are loved for their smooth application and buttery composition.

The Artist Warehouse stock a vast range of quality brands to meet any requirements you have. We stock all kinds of pastels, from pastel pencils, pastel tins, oil pastels, round pastels, water-soluble pastels the list goes on. With brands like Rembrandt, Polychromos, Generals, Holbein and Prismacolour to name a few.  Another reason to shop with us, is that you can be sure that quality won’t be an issue with your next project.

The Artist Warehouse has art supplies for everybody no matter your age or experience. Everyone deserves to get creative and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your art supply needs. We continually explore new mediums and project ideas to bring our customers a hands-on experience they can trust. Shop Artist pastels online or in-store today with buy now pay later options available with Afterpay.


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