PanPastel 10 sets

Genuine artists’ quality pastels – the softest in the world – uniquely packaged in stacking and interlocking jars. PanPastel were specially developed so that artists could lift, apply, and control pastel colour, just like true painting. PanPastels are the world’s first range of pastel colours that can be mixed and applied like paint.

  • They are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors in a unique pan format (cake-like).
  • Each color is loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colors possible.
  • The unique qualities of PanPastel make them ideal for exploring new creative techniques for painting, drawing and mixed media

Each PanPastel 10 set contains 10 x Colors (9ml / 0.30 fl oz) – see details below
Soft Tools
Storage Jar

Set Colours:

PP30101 Painting Set Colours: Yellow Ochre, Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Violet, Phthalo Green, Permanent Red, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Black

PP30102 Drawing Set Colours: Paynes Grey, Black, Red Iron Oxide, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Sienna Tint, Raw Umber Tint, Neutral Grey, Neutral Grey Tint, Titanium White

PP30103 Seascape Set Colours: Turquoise, Phthalo Blue Tint, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Blue Shade, Ultramarine Blue Tint, Neutral Grey, Neutral Grey Tint, Titanium White, Paynes Grey
PP30104 Greens Set Colours: Permanent Green, Phthalo Green, Chrom. Oxide Green Shade, Chromium Oxide Green, Bright Yellow Green Shade, Bright Yellow Green, Bright Yellow Green Tint, Phthalo Green Tint, Chrom. Oxide Green Tint, Titanium White
PP30105 Extra Dark Shades – Warm Set Colours: Orange Extra Dark, Yellow Ochre Extra Dark, Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark, Hansa Yellow Extra Dark, Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark, Permanent Red Extra Dark, Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark, Burnt Sienna Extra Dark, Raw Umber Extra Dark, Neutral Grey Extra Dark
PP30106 Extra Dark Shades – Cool Set Colours: Phthalo Blue Extra Dark, Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark, Turquoise Extra Dark, Phthalo Green Extra Dark, Permanent Green Extra Dark, Chrom. Oxide Green Extra Dark, Magenta Extra Dark, Violet Extra Dark, Paynes Grey Extra Dark, Neutral Grey Extra Dark
Contents may vary according to availability.

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