Pigments are one of the oldest forms of colour in human history. With different items being used to add colour since prehistoric times. Early humans used paint for purposes such as body decoration and cave paintings. It’s a really simple yet complex way to tell a story using colour.

In a much more modern use not much has changed in regards to colour telling the details of a story. Ever tried to paint a tree using just black or white? with that being said The Artist Warehouse has one of Australias largest ranges of artist pigments for sale. Whether your painting with oils, creating with resin, or anything in between. The Artist Warehouse has a variety of quality brands stocking over 200 different colours that can be mixed to ensure you achieve full colour accuracy when creating your next story.

We stock high-quality pigments from brands like Langridge, A1, and  Jacquard. Some of which being handmade to ensure complete colour accuracy


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