Sennelier Soft Pastel Half 6pk

Sennelier Soft Pastel Half 6pk are available in a 9 different selections. These beautiful Soft Pastels are composed of high quality pure pigment grounded with a natural binder, and with over 525 colours in the full range, they are one of the largest chromatic pastel ranges in the world. These new introductory soft half pastel sets, are the perfect sampler for artists and enthusiasts. They also make for excellent gifts! With 9 colour selections to choose from, there is something for everyone to try out the worlds favourite soft pastels.

The Sennelier Half Pastels are soft and composed of pure pigments, that are ground with a natural binder. This 6 pack is a great way for aspiring artists to delve into their passion, so that they can begin creating their masterpieces. These pastels consist of pure pigment, ground with a natural binder and make an ideal gift for aspiring artist’s. Non toxic.

Pastel Set Contents

  • Autumn Landscape: Orange Lead 37, Cadmium Yellow Light 297, Cinnabar Green 754, Hot Brown 191, Carmine Brown 46 & Olive Green 239
  • Emerald Sea: Viridian Green 256, Turquoise Green No 3 722, Turquoise Blue No 1 730, Cerulean Blue 259, Intense Blue 486 & Imperial Green 957
  • Stormy Sky: Indigo Blue 133, Blue Grey Green 500, Violasceous Grey 479, Cinnabar Green No 7 756, Blue Purple 285 & Blue Grey Green 504
  • Summer Sky: Ultramarine Deep 395, Steel Blue 714, Cerulean Blue 257, Blue Gray 525, White 525 & Ultramarine Deep 392
  • Spring Countryside: Chromium Green 233, Baryte Green No. 1 760, Apple Green 205, Moss Grey Green 169, Vermillion Brown 75 & Black Green 177
  • Pale Skin Tones: Nickel Yellow 904, Cobalt Violet 366, Helios Red 686, Cerulean Blue 264, Van Dyke Violet 406 & Carmine 52
  • Winter Mountains: Steel Blue 714, White 525, Reddish Brown Gray 428, Reseda Gray Green 210, Indigo 137 & Ultramarine Deep 394
  • Dark Skin Tones: Cassel Earth 412, Violet Brown Lake 442, Van Dyck Violet 406, Bistre 61, Golden Ochre 131 & Van Dyck Brown 439
  • Seascape: Cerulean Blue 259, Blue Grey Green 502, Purplish-Blue Grey 479, Olive Grey 453, Yellow Ochre 115 & Purplish-Blue Grey 484

Pastel Features: 

  • Half Stick Set of 6 colours
  • Soft Pastels in round shape
  • Super soft, velvety, vibrant colours
  • Excellent quality
  • High quality pure pigment grounded with natural transparent binder
  • Each half stick measures 30mm long x 12mm in diameter.

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