General’s Compressed Pastel Chalk Sets

General’s Compressed Pastel Chalk Sets are available in earth tones, grey tones, sanguine Pk & sienna Pk. These sticks are most conveniently used by breaking them into smaller pieces. Flat edge may be used for broad strokes. Sticks can also be sanded to a fine point for detailed work. Drawwing may be blended with a soft point, such as a paper stump.

General’s Chalk Sticks Set contain pastels that are earth toned chalk sticks that are handcrafted using the finest pigments. General’s® Compressed Pastel Chalk sticks are handcrafted using the same formula as our Multi-Pastel® chalk pencils using the finest artist pigments. Each stick measures .25″ x .25″ x 4″.


  • 942-BP: 4 x Sanguine Pastel Chalk Sticks
  • 941 BP: 4 x Sienna Pastel Chalk Sticks
  • 9408ABP: 4 x assorted grey toned pastel Chalk Sticks
  • 940ABP: 1 x Sanguine, 1 x Sepia, 1 x Light Flesh, 1 x Brown
  • 9405ABP: Primary colour set

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