Liquitex Glazing Medium

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237ml & 473ml


Liquitex Glazing Medium

Add maximum transparency, luminosity and depth to your paintings with Liquitex Glazing Medium. This Medium is brilliant for creating jewel-like glazes. Just mix with acrylic paint to create a transparent version of the original colour. Apply to dry paint for a glossy finish. Liquitex Glazing Medium dries quickly between layers and is water resistant, non-yellowing and flexible when dry.

What it does

  • Increases color depth, transparency and surface gloss
  • Dries quickly for rapid layering
  • Lowers viscosity and minimizes brush strokes
  • Extends your color further without affecting acrylic stability
  • Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality

How to use it

How not to use it

  • Do not shake or vigorously over-brush as this can result in a foggy, hazy look when dry
  • Do not use with any non-acrylic media

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Liquitex Mediums

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