24 Hole Brush Holder

This is the perfect 24 hole brush holder. This wooden and perxpex brush holder will hold 24 brushes or can be used to hold other items. Store your pens, pencils, markers and more with this handy brush stand. It will keep all your items neat and tidy in the one area, so you won’t lose your favourite brushes.

The valuable art tool is a sturdy stand that will hold your brushes while they dry and then keep them stored for future use. Each brush hole in the upper perspex sheet measures 1.5cm in diameter. Below this sheet, the wood base has 24 hollows where the end of your brush rests safely. This is an excellent way to keep your brushes in good condition and makes it so much easier to find the one you want.

24 hole brush holder Dimensions: 14.8 x 27.7cm (13.7cm height).


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