Derivan Matisse Impasto Medium lets you create high levels of texture when used with acrylic paint. Add the Impasto medium to your paints to increase the texture of your paints. Or apply to your painting surface then leave to dry to be painted over. This medium is a heavy-bodied paint that is free of colour to allow the artist to mix in their own colours or pigments. It is used where paint is laid on an area of the surface in very thick layers. These layers are usually thick enough that the brush or palette knife strokes are visible. Paint can also be mixed right on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides texture; the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas. Anything where particularly heavy built-up areas of colour are needed.

Derivan Matisse Impasto Medium dries to a low sheen which is close to the sheen of acrylic colour. It is equally water-resistant and allows for mixing with acrylic colours in any amount. There is no visual colour loss when equal volumes of acrylic colour and Impasto Medium are mixed. Although Impasto Medium is not fully see-through when dry, it does not change the richness of paint colours in any way. Impasto Medium is also suitable for use as a light modelling compound with 24-48 hours to be touch dry. Any airflow over the surface will evaporate the solvent more rapidly which will reduce drying times. Full film drying 3-6 months in less than 3mm thickness.


Check out this how to video: