Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss

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Formerly Impasto Gel


Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss

Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss – Formerly impasto gel is a thick, water-based, acrylic gel designed to exaggerate structure and sharpen textural edges of the paint in acrylic painting.  Impasto Gel also increases the gloss level of the paint and can also be used as an adhesive to bond other materials to the painting. It can be used as a very strong adhesive for bonding objects in mixed-media. Atelier Traditional Heavy Gel Gloss Medium can be mixed with Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint, over painted once dry or applied on top of a paint layer for a translucent textural effect. Be aware that when it is are applied thickly, it can take quite some time to dry.

Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss (previously Impasto Gel Medium) can be used to:

  • Increase gloss & translucency
  • Impasto Medium
  • Creates a more translucent and buttery paint and increases gloss levels.
  • Can also be used as an adhesive to bond other materials to the painting.

This acrylic medium is thick, fast-drying and water-based.

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