Metallic & Mica Pigments 30gms



30gm jars


Metallic & Mica Pigments

Metallic & Mica Pigments are available in a range or 30 ultra-shimmering colours in 30gram jars. Mica powders are sparkly, like a very fine glitter and are used to give a metallic or shimmery pearl-like effect. While mica powders do often have colour, they’re not optimal for colouring things. Their main purpose is to create sparkle or shine so they won’t create a solid wash of bright colour. These beautiful pigments can also be used to colour your UV finger-nails. Simply apply your base coat, seal with your UV light and then smooth / rub on the nail colour powder.

Mica Powder Pigments are widely used for producing of unique, colourful slime, Epoxy Resin, soaps, plastics, nail polish, lacquer, rubber, screen printing, screen printing, crafts, jewellery, wood crafts and much more. You will love these vibrant, ultra-shimmery pearlescent colours. So have fun and let your imagination go wild with all the creative DIY projects you can do with these MAD Metallic mica pigments. They can also be used for colouring nails, soaps, candles & more.

Use them to add colour to:

  • Finger nails
  • Candles
  • Resin
  • soaps
  • Jewellery
  • and much more

More about our Mica Powders and Metallic Pigments

  • Superior quality: Our Mica Powder is 100% naturally ground stone, Non-Toxic & Irritant Free. Use it with confidence for all your DIY and craft projects and enjoy the colourful results by using our high quality Mica Powder for mediums like Epoxy and Resin Dye.
  • Vivid and radiant colours: our Mica Pigment Powder lets you enjoy the richness and depth of each and every colour. Achieve the desired result by controlling the concentration. Blend to achieve varying hades from each colour.
  • Multiple mediums: Work with a multitude of mediums, use the pearlescent shimmer of our Mica Powder to take your craft to the next level.
  • Safe to use: Our Mica pigment powder is non-toxic and harmless to manipulate for your crafts: Use with confidence.

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Additional information

MAD Mica Pigments

Black (419), Brilliant Blue (427), Burnt Orange (7003), Chocolate (510), Copper (7002), Forest Green (605), Glitter Gold (351), Golden Brown (7001), Green (605-2), Khaki (205), Midnight Blue (604), Pearl (100), Pearl Blue (225), Pearl Copper (217), Pearl Green (235), Pearl Purple (219), Pearl Red (215), Pink Silver (4502), Pure White (060), Purple (606), Red (416), Red Gold (305), Rose Red (418), Royal Blue (604-3), Silky Purple (483), Silver (406), Symphony Yellow (421), Tangerine (6620), Violet (424), Walnut (703)


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