Imitation Gold Leaf Sheets 25 Pack

Imitation Gold Leaf Sheets are now available in packs of 25 (14cm x 14cm) at The Artist Warehouse. We also have Imitation Silver Leaf Sheets available. Fantastic for use on you next resin or paint project. Imitation gold leaf is also known as Dutch metal or Schlag metal. Imitation gold leaf is typically made of a brass alloy. It is then hammered into fine sheets in much the same way as genuine gold leaf is. Imitation gold leaf gives you all the benefits & uses of real gold leaf without the high price point.

The history of gold leaf gilding is believed to have originated in Turkey more than 8000 years ago. It was commonly used by the ancient Egyptians, and eventually the early Europeans. Throughout history and across the world gilding with precious metals like gold and silver has been used to great effect. In both exterior and interior architecture and design. Gilding is a decorative craft that consists of applying a very thin sheet of gold or other metal to a surface. The result is a shiny finish that draws the viewer’s eye to the decoration and raises the viewing experience.

While gilding most often refers to gold leaf. The term also applies to other metals turned into leaf, like copper, aluminum, palladium, and silver. Dutch metal is a form of brass made to look like gold leaf but is much cheaper.

Gilding can be done on nearly every kind of decorative object. A few being picture frames, furniture, sculptures, ceramics, paint, etc. It serves to elevate the viewers’ perception of value and importance. The same effect is true with, which is often found atop the gleaming domes of government buildings and sacred spaces, as well as other landmarks.

Pack contains 25 sheets. 14 x 14cm.


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