Art markers are alcohol-based sketching or drawing instruments that are used for creating art pieces. Many of the markers usually have double tips for ease of use and more of a choice in a single pen. Most of the products also come in art marker sets.

Alcohol markers differ from traditional markers in that the pigment is suspended in alcohol rather than glycerin or water.

This is advantageous to artists because alcohol is a fast-absorbing solvent that prevents colors from bleeding together. That said, you can also blend and layer them together. Most alcohol markers come with a double tip— one side is finer or chiseled for line work, and the other side is a brush tip for making paint-like strokes and blending colors. Alcohol markers are refillable, as well, and you can change the nibs if they wear out.

Many artists prefer alcohol-based markers over water-based markers because of their precision, vibrance, and durability.

So, whether you are into drawing anime, manga, ink art and more, we have a range of Pens & Markers available.


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