Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers

Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers are an alcohol based marker pens that contains a highly pigmented special ink. You can create high-gloss mirrored effects with these unique, alcohol-based markers from Molotow! Liquid Chrome Markers are great for creating a mirror finish on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces such as glass or plastic. The paint is highly opaque and permanent with good UV-resistance, and the low-odour formula makes the markers pleasant to use both inside and out. Molotow’s patented Flowmaster technology assures consistent paint flow.
Made in Germany.

They are suitable for most smooth and non absorbent surfaces such as paper, wood, canvas, plastic, metal or glass.

It is especially effective on dark surfaced product. With the limited scratch and abrasion proof application using the markers is a breeze. These low-odour markers are permanent when dry, and offer good UV resistance. They can also be applied over painted surfaces, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are touch dry in approx one hour.

Directions for use: shake marker, remove lid and pump marker to release the ink.

Available in:

  • Pump Markers: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Calligraphy Marker: 3mm
  • Twin Marker: 1.5mm & 4mm
  • 3 pack set of 1mm, 2mm & 4mm Pumpmarkers

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