Posca White Paint Markers

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15mm | 8mm | 1.8 – 2.5mm | 0.9 – 1.3mm

  • Suitable for use on paper, metal, glass, wood, plastic and more
  • The water-based ink is highly pigmented for vibrant results
  • Has a round, easy to grip barrel
  • Contains white ink
  • Ideal for beginners & professionals


Posca White Paint Markers

These Posca White Paint Markers have water-based pigments which can be blended when wet or overlaid when dry. The ink produces opaque results that won’t fade over time. PC-17K & 8K have a chisel shaped tip which can produce thin lines on the point and thick while the PC-5M & 3M have a bullet shaped tip that allows a finer lines. You can use these Posca markers on paper, metal, glass, wood, plastic and more. Use water-based white ink is highly pigmented for vibrant results. You will find that these Paint pens / markers hava a round, easy to grip barrel that are great for beginners as well as professionals.


  • PC-17K has an extra-broad, chisel tip measures 15 mm that lets you draw broad lines that can be read from a distance
  • PC-8K has a chisel nib which lets you draw both fine lines on the point and thick, 8.0 mm lines on the side
  • PC-5M has a bold, 2.5 mm tip which lets you draw lines that can be easily read from a distance
  • PC-3M has a  fine bullet tip that measures 1.3 mm

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Posca White Paint Markers

PC-17K White | 15mm | Chisel Shaped, PC-3M White | 0.9-1.3mm | Bullet Shaped, PC-5M White | 1.8-2.5mm | Bullet Shaped, PC-8K White | 8mm | Chisel Shaped




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