Canson Heritage Pads 300gsm

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15 sheets

Please note that the Heritage line of pads are a discontinued line.


Canson Heritage Pads 300gsm

Canson Héritage Pads are made with a strong and absorbent 100% cotton paper designed for use with watercolour paints. It is also suitable for use with coloured or watercolour pencils.

Canson Héritage is made from 100% cotton fibre and thus is naturally acid-free. It has also been treated to make it mould-resistant and does not contain optical brighteners. It complies with ISO Standard 9706 and is a naturally-durable paper.

Héritage pads are Gelatine tub sized. This also allows artists to lift paint and to scrub at the paper without deterioration to the surface. It is also possible to layer paints, returning to the same image and re-wetting the surface. The ability to also make corrections while the paint is wet or after it has dried makes Héritage a very forgiving paper to paint on.

These pads each contain 15 sheets of 300gsm paper. They are available with in hot-pressed, cold pressed or rough finishes.

Canson Heritage Pads

L’Aquarelle Canson® Héritage is the quintessence of almost 500 years of know-how associated with all the latest technological advances in papermaking:
– Distinctive, strong and absorbent; 100% cotton sheets
– Mould-made for a sensual texture and strength
– An innovative non-animal sizing ensures uniform washes without accumulation of pigments. Colors are bright and vivid. Allows for ultra sharp brush strokes without smudges
– Easy to correct whether wet or dry
– An optimized working time: The paper remains at peak saturation longer giving the artist ample time to work larger areas


Weight or thickness: 300 et 640 gsm

Colours and textures: 3 available textures: cold pressed, hot pressed, rough grain

Recommended techniques: Ideal for: watercolour

Formats: Sheet: 56 x 76 cm

Standard & Longevity guarantee

Complies with ISO Standard 9706, acid-free and without optical brightness additives. Mould-resistant treatment.

  • 15 sheets per pad
  • Acid Free
  • No Optical Brightener
  • Mould-made for a sensual texture and strength
  • Made in England.

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heritage pads

hot press smooth A4, hot press smooth A3, hot press smooth A2, cold press medium A4, cold press medium A3, cold press medium A2, cold press rough A4, cold press rough A3, cold press rough A2




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