Canson Drawing Pads 110gsm

A4 and A3 50 sheets

The Canson Drawing Pads 110gsm are a medium tooth paper. This makes it perfect for finished drawings in pencil, pen, charcoal, and pastel. The paper provides good erasability when using pencil and charcoal. There is enough texture in the paper to hold depth and vivid colour while still being able to retain sharp crisp edges. The textured surface will be able to produce a more even, luminescent shade than a smooth surface. The smoother the paper grain the more difficult it will be to produce an even shade making these pads the perfect balance. Smoother paper surfaces cannot produce as great a range of tone (shade) as textured surface papers. Textured paper surfaces are usually chosen for shading as the texture of the paper makes shading easier and produces a greater range of tone that can be more evenly applied.

These pads come in 50 sheet bindings which present excellent value. Like most artists papers these pads are bound at the top and pull away from the binding with ease. This ensures no damage is done to your completed artwork. The sheets are 110 GSM which makes them ideal for sketching.


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