Paint Tube Wringer

The Paint Tube wringer will dispense the paint evenly and help prevent waste. This quality made tube squeezer will help keep the tube contents concentrated to maintain the softness of the remaining paint. It will also keep tubes neater and reduces the possibility of tubes splitting or otherwise damage and best of all it will reduce waste and saves you money! Made from heavy duty plastic. Can be used on any type of tube, including plastic-laminated tubes, up to 75mm wide. Can be used on any type of tube, including plastic-laminated tubes, up to 75mm wide.

How To Use:

Insert the tube between the rollers, and turn the lever. For the first usage, insert the tube between the rollers and open the cap before you turn the lever. When there is little paint remaining in tube, close the cap tightly before you turn the lever.

– Easy to use tube squeezer for all tube items
– Convenient and reusable, help reduce waste.
– Safe tool for home, your family and in any places you like.

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Paint Tube Squeezer