Derivan Matisse Open Medium

Derivan Matisse Open medium is made to be mixed with acrylic colours. It assists in delaying drying time while keeping the consistency of the paint. When mixed with Matisse Structure it will hold its impasto quality. Matisse Flow Acrylics will keep their smooth flowing feel with the added body but not viscosity. Perfect for painting outdoors or in hot weather. Matisse open Medium allows the paint to be mixed on the painting surface for longer amounts of time. Artists will be happy with the way this medium makes their paint handle very smooth and buttery.

How to use

Adding as little as 10% Derivan Matisse Open Medium to the paint will allow more working time, with satisfying, smooth blends. Choosing to use smaller amounts of the medium increases the blending time but won’t affect the drying time. However, a larger amount of Open Medium will dramatically increase the working time of the paint. The best results with drying time are reached with an equal mixture of paint to medium. Any more and any further additions of medium will result in tiny increases of drying time but may reduce the water fastness of the dried paint. Larger amounts (more medium than paint) will give transparency and will aid in layering.

As well as leaving more time to blend on the surface, paint mixed with Matisse Open Medium will stay fresh on the palette for many hours. Depending on both the weather conditions and the quantity of medium used it will allow the reworking of areas in a way not before possible. The gel-like body of Matisse open medium allows it to remain in place on the palette. Making it suitable to be brush-mixed while painting, as well as to be pre-mixed on the palette.

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