Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Sets

Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Sets of watercolor pencils are a watercolor paint in pencil form. The high concentration of extra fine pigments with excellent water-solubility rivals even the finest artist watercolors, let alone watercolor pencils. When drawn on dry the pencils perform as well as the very best non water-soluble colors, such as Luminance. When a wet brush is dragged across the pencil marks, the color that disperses in watery pools is lustrous and brilliant. Lesser pencils demonstrate a much lower concentration of color in washes. Use alongside watercolor to apply very fine detail to your work, or use alone with the freedom to apply very dilute color as well as very thick bold undiluted marks, all with the same pencil. A truly revolutionary drawing and painting medium that you will love using.

View Museum Aquaelle Watercolour Pencil Colour Chart and Set Contents Here

Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Set Features:

  • Museum Intro Set of 12- Assortment is based on the Adolf Holzel “Double Primary” system and is an ideal way to discover watercolor painting. A classic selection including two shades of each of the primary colours offer a rich variety of tints.
  • Landscape Set of 20- Assortment provides a selection of 20 warm and cold colors that are essential for capturing the different aspects of landscape art – blue-violets for sky and water, red-oranges for flowers, greens for fields and forests, browns for earth and rocks, bright and dark colours for lights and shadows.
  • Marine Set of 20- Assortment selection of 20 warm and cold colors for capturing different seascapes: blue-green, light and dark blues for sunlit water and the sky, light colours for spray and reflections, grey-browns for the shadows and rocks, and reddish shades for sunsets.
  • 84 Wooden box set – 76 watercolor colour pencils, plus 4 extra of the top colors, 3 Technalo Pencils and 1 Grafwood Pencil.

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