Derwent Graphic Sets

Derwent Graphic Sets are a great set to start with. A good graphite drawing starts with a good graphite pencil! With Derwent Graphic you’ve got a wide choice of degrees from a fine and crisp 9H to soft and smudgy 9B, so whether you are doing fine detailed illustrations or adding shading & texture to your drawing we’ve got the right pencil for you! Smooth finely textured graphite strip for professional application made from the finest quality graphite and purest clays. Hexagonal matte black barrel with a distinctive dark orange band. Full range of 20 degrees: 9B – B, HB , F, H – 9H. Harder degrees (B – 9H) have a slim 2.2mm strip perfect for detailed work. Softer degrees (9B – H) have a thicker 3.5mm strip added strength and covering power.

Set Details:

  • 24 Tin Set contains: one each of the grades 9B-4H plus 1 extra pencil in the four most popular grades
  • Hard Set of 12 contains: Technical set contains one pencil each in the grades B – 9H.
  • Medium Set of 12 contains: Designer set contains one pencil each in the grades 6B – 4H.
  • Soft Set of 12 contains: Sketching set contains one pencil each in the grades 9B – H.
  • 6 Set conaints: 1 pencil each in the grades 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B,8B plus pencil sharpener.

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