Coates Willow Charcoals

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  • Assorted Charcoal 30pk
  • Medium Charcoal 6pk
  • Medium Charcoal 25pk
  • Thick Charcoal 12pk
  • Extra Thick Charcoal 4pk
  • Jumbo Charcoal 1pc


Coates Willow Charcoals

Coates willow charcoals are perfect for small, detailed mark making or large gestural marks. The smooth texture is a pleasure to draw with, perfect for underpainting sketches or finished work. This charcoal has a silky black tone and creates rich gradients.

The intense blackness of natural willow charcoal makes it a perfect drawing tool and has been used by artists for centuries. In the 1960s Percy Coate began experimenting with the willow he grew to make drawing charcoal. Although it took some years to perfect the technique, by the 1970s he was finally ready to share the new Coates Willow Charcoal with the world. Percy’s grandfather, Robert Coate started in business in 1819 as a ‘withy merchant’, buying and selling local willow crops. Today, Coates is still very much a family concern with members of the family involved in all aspects of the business. For many years now, Coates willow charcoal has been recognised as the best quality willow charcoal in the world and we are eager to maintain that reputation in the years to come.

Charcoal Packs:

  • Assorted Charcoal 30pk: An assortment of 30 (approximately) half length sticks of various diameters (3-12mm). The perfect choice for anyone wanting to try willow charcoal drawing for the first time.
  • Medium Charcoal 6pk: A handy little box containing 6 Medium Sticks measuring approximately 5-6mm in diameter. This is the most popular size.
  • Medium Charcoal 25pk: Box contains 25 Medium Sticks measuring approximately 4-6mm in diameter. This is the most popular size.
  • Thick Charcoal 12pk: A box containing 12 thick sticks measuring approximately 7-9mm in diameter. This size is ideal for most charcoal drawing.
  • Extra Thick Charcoal 4pk: Box of four extra thick sticks measuring approximately 12-14mm. Perfect for big pieces of work.
  • Jumbo Charcoal 1pc: These very chunky sticks are great for really large drawings and are strong enough to use on all kinds of surfaces. 15mm thick. Tree sticks are made from two year old willow rods.

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Coates Willow Charcoal

Assorted Charcoal 30pk, Extra Thick Charcoal 4pk, Jumbo Charcoal 1pc, Medium Charcoal 25pk, Medium Charcoal 6pk, Thick Charcoal 12pk




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