A new and innovative way to use premium artist grade graphite for drawing or painting. No.1 has the consistency of putty that allows the artist to mold its shape for large or small areas. Combined with water soluble techniques, No.1 produces an endless range of light and dark shades.

When developing the material it was decided that the Nº1 should dry as quickly as possible in order to preserve the art work and to allow work by layers with water without having to wait too long. This may cause the product to dry out.

But this is no problem because the process can be reversed. The Nº1 can be treated just like clay. Even if it gets completely dry it can be reversed just adding some water (add water if its too dry or keep the bag open if its too limp). It is important to do it smoothly; don’t add a huge amount of water, do it in small portions and wait, the material will incorporate all the water. Normally it will take a few hours to be homogenous again and then keep it sealed.

Conforms to EN71-3 so can be used by children 3+ years old