A2 Lightfast Acrylic Paints

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Student Acrylic Paint


A2 Lightfast Acrylic Paints

A2 Lightfast Acrylic Paints are specially designed for the needs of serious art students.  They are also great for hobby painters who wish to avoid the expense of buying top end professional artists colours whilst they are learning.  Especially if they also would still like a high quality acrylic that contains light fast pigments.

The choice of colours in a range like this is important. The 20 colours in the A2 range are also what we believe to be the “basics” which need to be used and understood before exploring more specialised and extended artists ranges such as Atelier, Golden or Liquitex.

The 20 colours in the A2 range have also been carefully matched to colours in the Atelier Professional Artists’ Quality range, so that experience in colour mixing gained by learning with A2 is not lost.

See Colour Range Here

  • Opaque
  •  Also have Semi-Transparent
  •  And we also have Transparent

A good student’s paint needs to be

1. As strongly pigmented as an artist’s quality paint.
2. As well as the same in its consistency and handling as an artist’s quality paint.

A2 acrylics meet this definition very effectively.  They are also competitively priced because we have used student quality pigments.

Chroma’s A2 Art Students’ Acrylics are perfectly suited to be used with the Atelier® Range of Painting Mediums & Varnishes.

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Additional information

A2 colour

alizarine crimson hue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cadmium orange hue, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Scarlet Hue, Cerulean Blue hue, Cobalt blue hue, Dioxazine purple hue, Green light, Ivory black, Light red oxide, Pthalo blue, Pthalo green hue, Titanium white, Ultra marine blue, Warm grey, Yellow light hue, Yellow Medium hue, Yellow oxide

A2 size

120ml tube, 250ml tub, 1 lt bottle






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