Holbein Artists’ Watercolours 15ml

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108 Colours


Holbein Artists’ Watercolours 15ml

Holbein Artists’ Watercolour 15ml are a rofessional quality watercolour paint ideal for the beginner or experienced watercolourist. Choose from a the full range of 108 colours. Holbein Watercolours set world-class standards for colour vigor, and they retain their clean, crisp, brilliant characteristics over longer periods of time. They do not contain ox gall or any other dispersants that inhibit optimum brush handling.

Available in 15 ml tubes, they are specifically designed to rewet instantly and not deteriorate in the tube or on the palette.

About Holbein – The standard by which all others are measured against.

Much of the incomparable, world-wide reputation that Holbein enjoys is due to the exceptional quality of their Artist Watercolour. Originally introduced in the early 1920’s and now available in 108 highly concentrated colors, Holbein Artist Watercolour is a European style transparent watercolour which preserves the brush handling qualities inherent in Japanese watercolour techniques.

More finely ground than any other artist watercolour, Holbein Artist Watercolour is produced without ox-gall, animal by-products or other dispersing agents. This gives the user greater control in the use of their pigments, while also enhancing the handling qualities and they deliver colours of unequaled intensity, purity and reliability.  They give brilliant transparent washes and/or powerful, clean darks.

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Additional information

Holbein Artist Watercolours

Aureolin (w239) – D, Bamboo Green (w278) – B, Bright Rose (w370) – B, Bright Violet (w375) – B, Brilliant Orange (w247) – C, Brilliant Pink (w225) – A, Burnt Sienna (w334) – A, Burnt Umber (w333) – A, Cad Red Orange (w216) – E, Cad Red Purple (w217) – E, Cadmium Green Deep (w270) – C, Cadmium Green Pale (w269) – C, Cadmium Red Deep (w215) – E, Cadmium Red Light (w214) – E, Cadmium Yellow Deep (w243) – C, Cadmium Yellow Lemon (w240) – C, Cadmium Yellow Light (w242) – C, Cadmium Yellow Orange (w244) – C, Cadmium Yellow Pale (w241) – C, Carmine (w211) – A, Cerulean Blue (w292) – D, Chinese White (w201) – A, Cob Turquoise Light (w306) – D, Cobalt Blue (w290) – D, Cobalt Blue Tint (w291) – A, Cobalt Green (w263) – D, Cobalt Violet Light (w310) – F, Compose Blue (w296) – A, Compose Green #1 (w271) – A, Crimson Lake (w210) – A, Davys Grey (w355) – A, Emerald Green Nova (w264) – B, Gamboge Nova (w248) – B, Gold (w390) – C, Green Grey (w352) – A, Greenish Yellow (w246) – C, Grey of Grey (w353) – A, Hookers Green (w262) – B, Horizon Blue (w304) – A, Imida Yellow (w250) – B, Imidazolone Brown (w341) – B, Imidazolone Lemon (w251) – B, Indian Red (w335) – A, Indigo (w298) – A, Iso Yellow Deep (w249) – C, Ivory Black (w338) – A, Jaune Brilliant #1 (w231) – A, Jaune Brilliant #2 (w232 )- A, Lamp Black (w340) – A, Lavender (w316) – A, Leaf Green (w277) – B, Lemon Yellow (w233) – A, Light Red (w330) – A, Lilac (w317) – A, Manganese Blue Nova (w305) – B, Marine Blue (w302) – C, Mars Violet (w313) – B, Mineral Violet (w312) – B, Naples Yellow (w230) – A, Neutral Tint (w357) – A, Olive Green (w274) – A, Opera (w213) – B, Paynes Grey (w356) – A, Peach Black (w337) – A, Peacock Blue (w301) – A, Perm Green No.1 (w266) – A, Perm Green No.2 (w267) – A, Perm Yellow Deep (w237) – A, Perm Yellow Lemon (w235) -A, Perm Yellow Light (w236) – A, Perm Yellow Orange (w238) – A, Permanent Alizarin Crimson (w209) – C, Permanent Violet (w315) – B, Perylene Maroon (w208) – B, Phthalo Blue Red Shade (w308) – A, Phthalo Blue Yellow Shade (w307) – A, Prussian Blue (w297) – A, Pyrrol Red (w207) – A, Pyrrol Rubine (w206) -A, Quinacridone Gold (w342) – C, Quinacridone Magenta (w319) – C, Quinacridone Red (w205) – C, Quinacridone Scarlet (227) – C, Quinacridone Violet (w320) – B, Raw Sienna (w332) – A, Raw Umber (w331) – A, Rose Madder (w212) – A, Royal Blue (w303) – C, Sap Green (w275) – B, Scarlet Lake (w222) – B, Sepia (w336) – A, Shadow Green (w279) – D, Shell Pink (w226) – A, Silver (w391) – C, Terra Verte (w265) – A, Titanium White (w203) – A, Turquoise Blue (w299) – B, Ultramarine Deep (w294) – A, Ultramarine Light (w293) – A, Umber (w329) – A, Vandyke Brown (w339) – A, Verditer Blue (w295) – A, Vermilion (w218) – F, Vermilion Tint (w219) – A, Viridian (w260) – E, Viridian Tint (w261) – A, Yellow Grey (w351) – A, Yellow Ochre (w234) – A




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