Mijello Folding Watercolour Palettes

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Fusion18 & Fusion33


Mijello Folding Watercolour Palettes

Mijello Folding Watercolour Palettes are made with the finest non-stain plastic palettes. Available in the 18 well palette Fusion18 and the 33 well palette Fusion33


  • 270 x 130 x 23 mm
  • 18 slanted wells; three generous mixing areas
  • Leakproof/Airtight palette for watercolor, oil color
  • Removable clear mixing tray for easy cleaning
  • Keeps colors fresh and for weeks
  • Colors appear the same on both the palette and watercolor paper


  • Consists of 33 Wells 320 x 160 x 30mm
  • Leakproof/Airtight palette for watercolor, oil color
  • Removable Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Long Lasting White Tray
  • Airtight to Keep Paints Fresh for Weeks
  • Colors appear the same on both the palette and watercolor paper

About Miljello – From a painter’s dream to an entrepreneur

There is a saying, “You see as much as you know” .

I’ve been drawing watercolors since I was young, and I dreamed of becoming a painter and went to art college.

After graduating, I became aware of issues related to the rationality, convenience, and economic feasibility of art materials while teaching and working on art materials.

In particular, acrylic paints are easy to handle, but they harden well and do not melt after hardening.

So, Mijello was founded by developing the world’s first palette for acrylic paints that can be used immediately by storing the paints so that they do not harden and opening them again.

After that, while developing watercolor palettes, I felt the limit of the color development power of watercolor paints while using watercolor paints from several existing brands to test their functions, and I challenged myself to develop watercolor paints that go beyond that limit.

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Fusion18, Fusion33




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