Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours

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Watercolour Paints

Available in 10ml tubes. Series 1-4.


Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours

Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours are highly pigmented and lightfast with a vibrant colour range. Made using proven traditional methods of production to enhance the brilliance of the pigments and maximize handling qualities. Also, successful watercolours depend on selecting the best quality paper, the permanence and brilliance of the pigments and the use of a wide variety of quality brushes. Available in 10ml tubes.

They contains 1-2% honey. Honey is a natural traditional preservative, it allows for high pigment loads and an incredibly smooth application. The combination of gum Arabic and honey results in a binder free of additives and fillers, allowing the purest painting experience possible.

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Art Spectrum Watercolours

Antwerp Blue S1, Aureolin S4, Australian Green Gold S3, Australian Grey S2, Australian Leaf Green Dark S3, Australian Red Gold S3, Australian Turquoise S4, Brilliant Red S3, Burnt Sienna Hue S1, Burnt Sienna Natural S1, Burnt Umber S1, Cadmium Deep Red S4, Cadmium Orange S4, Cadmium Red S4, Cadmium Yellow Deep S4, Cadmium Yellow Pale S4, Cadmium Yellow S4, Cerulean Blue S4, Chinese White S1, Cobalt Blue S4, Cobalt Violet S4, Coral S3, Flinders Blue Violet S4, Flinders Red Violet S3, French Ultramarine S3, Hookers Green Permanent S2, Indian Red S1, Indigo Blue S1, Ivory Black S1, Lamp Black S1, Lemon Yellow S1, Light Red S1, Mars Violet S2, Naples Yellow Reddish S1, Naples Yellow S1, Neutral Tint S3, Olive Green Permanent S2, Oxide of Chromium S2, Paynes Grey S1, Permanent Crimson S3, Permanent Gamboge S3, Permanent Indian Yellow S3, Permanent Magenta S3, Permanent Mauve S3, Permanent Orange S3, Permanent Rose S3, Phthalo Blue S1, Phthalo Green S1, Pilbara Red S3, Prussian Blue S1, Raw Sienna Light Hue S1, Raw Sienna Natural Deep S1, Raw Umber S1, Rose Madder S4, Sap Green Permanent S3, Sepia S1, Spectrum Blue S1, Spectrum Crimson S1, Spectrum Red S1, Spectrum Yellow S1, Tasman Blue S2, Ultramarine Blue S1, Ultramarine Violet S3, Vermilion Permanent S3, Viridian S4, Warm Sepia S1, Yellow Ochre S1


Art Spectrum


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