Atelier Gesso Primer

Atelier Gesso Primer is a water-based, acrylic ground with a high grit content. Designed to provide a stable white surface with a pleasant touch (non-slippery) surface to paint on. Gesso promotes good paint adhesion and prevents loss of moisture into the substrate for both acrylic and oil paintings. Appearance: White heavy liquid with high grit content. Dries white. High viscosity. Use directly from the container with no dilution required.

It is suitable for both acrylic and oil paintings, providing good paint adhesion and preventing loss of moisture. You can use it directly from the container, and if applied thickly with a brush, it will give texture to your canvas for painting. Alternatively, for a smoother finish, you can mix the gesso with water and apply 2-3 thinner coats. When dry, the gesso will give your canvas a smooth bright white appearance.  Atelier Gesso can also be tinted before application, or stained with an acrylic wash once dry, giving a different colour to your surface prior to painting.

It is suitable for use on canvas, boards, and similar surfaces as a primer. It can also be used to block out, and resurface your paintings. Atelier Gesso may be applied over Binder Medium, or instead of Binder Medium, before to painting.

Please note that Gesso will tighten your canvas as it dries, so it is recommended to stretch your canvas before applying the Gesso Primer.


  • Use With: Acrylic, Oil
  • Application: Painting
  • Medium Type: Surface Preparation
  • Surfaces: Canvas, Timber, boards and more

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