Artist Colour Wheels

The Artist Colour Wheels are available in three sizes: large is great for classroom use , medium for most artist and a great pocket size to carry with you. The two smaller sizes illustrate visually and instantly the results of colour mixing. They show Primary, Secondary and Intermediate colours. Harmonies such as: Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous and Triadic. Includes Hues, Chroma, Tints and Tones. The larger colour wheel is The big wheel for use in the classroom. It is a simple visual aid for illustrating and teaching color relationships.  A tool used by teachers, students, artists and designers


  • Classroom and demonstration sized wheel.
  • 2-sided rotating wheel.
  • Sturdy construction of heavy paperboard.
  • Hang on a backboard or place on an easel.
  • Illustrates color mixing and color relationships.
  • A perfect teaching companion for the Color Wheel, the Pocket Color Wheel and the Create-A-Color Wheel. The Big Wheel is a classroom size version of our Color Wheel and is identical in all features to the Color Wheel and Pocket Color Wheel. Illustrates basic color mixing. Perfect for classrooms, demonstrations, or any other presentation.

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