Gamblin Oil Painting Must Haves Set


The set includes a 2 oz. bottle each of Gamsol, Linseed Oil, Galkyd Lite, Gamvar Gloss Varnish, a 37 ml tube of Solvent-Free Gel, and a 2 oz. jar of Cold Wax Medium.


Gamblin Oil Painting Must Haves Set

This Gamblin Oil Painting Must Haves Set contains a sampling of mediums including everything needed to start painting, clean-up, and varnish finished work. This Mediums Set recreates the properties of traditional mediums while providing a way for painters to expand their knowledge and techniques. Each set comes in a reusable hemp bag with information on each medium and their best use, including QR tags connecting artists to tips and techniques.

Gamsol is an excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting. Gamsol is less toxic than other brands of OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits), mineral spirits, or turpentine because the harmful aromatic solvent component has been removed. It’s also useful for studio and brush cleanup.

Galkyd Lite is formulated to thin oil colours and maintain strong flexible paint films, with a viscosity similar to that of a traditional dammar/refined linseed oil/turpentine painting medium. It will leave brush strokes in thicker layers and allows a longer working time (approximately three hours).

Gamvar Picture Varnish saturates colours in your painting and gives your work a unified and protective surface. It goes on water-clear, stays water-clear and can be easily and safely removed with Gamsol.

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel gives colours more gloss, flow, and transparency, yet holds the shape of brushstrokes.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is a soft paste formulated to knife consistency. Made from naturally white unbleached beeswax, alkyd resin, and odourless mineral spirits (OMS), it is used to make oil colours thicker and more matte.

Oil Painting Must Haves Set contains:

  • Gamsol (2 oz.)
  • Linseed Oil (2 oz.)
  • Galkyd Lite (2 oz.)
  • Gamvar Gloss Varnish (2 oz.)
  • Solvent-Free Gel (37ml tube)
  • Cold Wax Medium (2 oz. Jar)


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