Aquafine Watercolour Brushes

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Sables, Synthetic Rounds, Riggers, Fans, Skyflow, Liners, Shaders Shorts, Oval Washes, One Strokes.


Aquafine Watercolour Brushes

Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Brushes are a comprehensive range of soft synthetic and natural hair brushes, ideal for watercolourists. Available in short-handled options, Aquafine brushes offer excellent performance in the hands of students and professionals alike.

Aquafine Watercolour Brushes are a range of synthetic student-quality brushes. They are used by professional artists and art lovers alike to create eye-catching artwork quickly and easily. They use Daler-Rowney’s unique formulation of thick and thin filaments tapered to a point. These brushes also use different length strands to help become a remarkable imitation of natural sable hair. This special construction allows Daler-Rowney synthetic Aquafine Watercolour Brushes to outperform all other synthetic brushes in point and stroke. This helps creates the perfect mixture of bristles for painting detailed artwork in a wide variety of colors. It also guarantees that the brushes will not split and they have excellent shape retention and longer life than natural sable hair.

  • Soft synthetic and natural sable and a mix of goat hair.
  • Ideal for watercolour and gouache.
  • Excellent shape retention.
  • For excellent pigment-retention.

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Aquafine Brushes

Flat Shader 2, Flat Shader 6, One Stroke 1 1/2", One Stroke 1", One Stroke 3/4", Oval Wash 1", Oval Wash 1/2", Oval Wash 3/4", Pointed Wash 2, Pointed Wash 4, Pointed Wash 6, Rigger 2, Rigger 4, Rigger 6, Round Sable 1, Round Sable 10, Round Sable 2, Round Sable 3, Round Sable 4, Round Sable 5, Round Sable 6, Round Sable 8, Sable Round 0, Sable Round 2/0, Sable Round 3/0, Sable Round 4/0, Short Flat 1 1/2", Short Flat 1", Short Flat 1/2", Short Flat 3/4", Skyflow 1 1/2", Skyflow 2", Skyflow 3", Spotter 10/0, Synthetic Fan 2, Synthetic Fan 4, Synthetic Fan 6, Synthetic Liner 10/0, Synthetic Round 0, Synthetic Round 1, Synthetic Round 10, Synthetic Round 12, Synthetic Round 14, Synthetic Round 18, Synthetic Round 2, Synthetic Round 2/0, Synthetic Round 26, Synthetic Round 3, Synthetic Round 3/0, Synthetic Round 30, Synthetic Round 4, Synthetic Round 6, Synthetic Round 8


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