Refillable Glass Droppers 4pk

Derivan Refillable Glass Droppers – 4pk can be filled with inks, fluid paints, water based glues, alcohol based inks, art mediums and more. Glass droppers are a great addition to your artist tool kit. Perfect for measuring drops of colour when colour mixing and delivering small increments of colour in wet on wet techniques.

This Derivan Refillable Glass Dropper Set is ideal for colour-mixing or applying small targeted amounts of watercolour, inks or isopropyl alcohol directly onto artwork surfaces. You can also use the Derivan Refillable Glass Droppers to decant small quantities of paint and ink into smaller containers.

Set contains 4 x droppers. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


  • They’re easy to clean so you can refill them and use them over and over again.
  • There are 4 droppers in this pack.

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