Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks

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50ml and 500ml bottles

Please note: there may be a 3-5 day wait for the 500ml bottles


Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks

Art spectrum pigmented inks are suitable for drawing, painting, airbrushing and mixed media art work and as a resin ink. Suitable surfaces include paper, primed canvas, Colourfix papers, art boards and other non-greasy surfaces. Art spectrum pigmented inks have a lighter concentration of pigment than Liquid Spectrum concentrated inks, but with the same acrylic binder. Water resistant when dry, dilute with water. These pigmented acrylic inks are ideal for use as a resin ink.
Art Spectrum® Pigmented Ink range includes transparent and opaque colours. As they are an acrylic pigmented ink, they will not fade like traditional dye based inks and will intermix cleanly. Use with brushes, drawing and calligraphy pens and airbrushes on most clean, non greasy surfaces such as paper, board, wood and primed canvas. Ideal for multi-media artwork.

Colours available in 50ml glass bottles with a pipette and 500ml refill plastic bottle.

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Additional information

art spec pigment ink color

apple green, cerulean blue, charcoal grey, chromium green oxide, crimson, emerald, golden ochre, indigo, lemon yellow, lime green, napthol red light, Neutral Grey, off white, paynes grey, pearlecent, phthalo blue light, phthalo green light, quinacridone magenta light, raven, red ochre, sap green, teal, ultra black, ultramarine blue, ultramarine blue light, violet light, yellow deep, yellow light warm, yellow ochre, black, blue, burnt sienna, green, magenta, orange, red, sepia, turquoise, violet, white, yellow

art spec pigment ink size

50 ml bottle, 500ml bottle


Art Spectrum

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