Derivan Fabric Art Markers


Twin Tipped Fabric Paint Markers


Derivan Fabric Art Markers

These Derivan Fabric Art Markers are versatile, twin tipped markers. They are perfect for decorating and adding a touch of colour and personality to most fabric surf aces. You can now customise t-shirts, jeans, shoes, cushion covers, carry bags and more with illustrations, type, drawings, thoughts or writings, quick and easy. Available in a range of bold colours with a double-ended tip (pointed and chisel broad) to help create lines of varying widths adding versatility and a dynamic finish to any design. They are acid free and odour free. New Derivan FabricArt Marker colours are transparent and matt when dry, they resist fading on most fabrics and are wash resist during normal wash cycles after they are heat fixed.

Twin Tipped Fabric Paint Markers

Why Choose Fabric Markers for Your Next Project?

Let’s face it: We’ve all got that one plain t-shirt or pair of jeans that could use a little sprucing up. Enter fabric markers: your go-to for adding a dash of personality to any fabric item. Whether clothing, accessories or even homewares, fabric markers offer possibilities. And when it comes to the best fabric markers in Australia, Derivan Fabric Art Markers take the cake.Looking for some creative inspiration for your next fabric art project? Head over to the Derivan Project Page for FABRIC MARKER PROJECT ideas that’ll get your artistic juices flowing!

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We stock quality art supplies and sell them straight to the public at wholesale prices. This also means that you can pay what most art retailers pay and save. These are perfect for any artists from amateur to professional. It is also perfect for any budget size.At these low prices why not give these a go?

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Fabric Art Markers

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