At the Artist Warehouse, we stock a range of Art Sealers, mediums and varnishes.  Located in Melbourne, Australia, we operate both online and at our store in Pakenham.

Art Sealers are clear coatings, including art varnish, workable art fixative, and ceramic coating, designed and labeled exclusively for application to paintings, pencil, chalk, or pastel drawings, ceramic art pieces, or other closely related art uses, to provide a final protective coating or to fix preliminary stages of artwork while providing a workable surface for subsequent revisions.

In general, it is recommended that if you are trying a new type of varnish for the first time, do a test application first on a small piece of painted wood or canvas to make sure you like the final result.  Apply to a small painting that has similar colors and values as your “real” painting – that way there will be less surprises when you coat the actual painting.


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