Derivan Block Ink 75ml


75ml Tubes


Derivan Block Ink 75ml

Derivan Block Ink 75ml has the perfect consistency for lino and wood block printing, and transfers onto paper. It is non-toxic, water-based, and washes up easily in water. Derivan developed this unique product for art and craft courses to give people a premium quality block printing ink that did not contain harmful solvents. It is therefore non-toxic and also easy to clean up, while still giving the feel of a professional-grade oil-based printing ink. Get ready to dip your lino cut into tubes full of potential and watch your creations come to life like never before.

Extend Open Time

Derivan Block Ink has been formulated for lino and wood-block printing on paper. Derivan Block Ink will remain open on the block for some time but, once printed, will dry quickly to facilitate the stacking of prints after each class.

Lino printing is also known as lino cutting. It is a simple and economical method for producing multiple copies of artistic work using linoleum.  A linoleum block is carved to create the print. You then cover the block in a thin layer of ink. Paper is pressed on top to transfer the image. In areas where you have carved, don’t print and raised layers of the block to create high-contrast prints.


  • 24-Tube Range which includes Block Ink Medium, Metallics, and Fluros:
  • Optimal Consistency: Ensures sharp, precise prints every time.
  • Water-Based and Non-Toxic: Safe, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly.
  • Versatile: Ideal for use on lino, wood, and soft block surfaces.
  • High-Quality Pigments: Ensures bright, lasting colors for stunning prints.
  • Professional Results: Achieve sharp, clear, and vibrant prints effortlessly.
  • Easy Cleanup: The water-based formula makes cleanup a breeze.
  • Safe for All Artists: A non-toxic formula ensures it’s safe for artists of all ages


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Additional information

Derivan Block Inks

Australian Sky Blue, Black, Burnt Umber, Clear Extender, Crimson, Fluro Magenta, Fluro Orange, Fluro Yellow, Gold, Green Deep, Green Light, lemon Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Phthalo Blue (Cool), Purple, Red (warm), Red Oxide, Silver, Turquoise, Ultra Blue (warm), White, Yellow, Yellow Oxide




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