Logan 786/3 Replacement Wheels

Logan 786/3 Replacement Wheels are to be used with the Logan 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite.

The Logan 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite:

Logan 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite is a hand held glass cutting tool using a hardened steel wheel with ergonomic handle. Includes cutting fluid. Works on any Logan equipment where cutting heads hook on including Team Systems, Compact Series, Artist Elite, and Simplex series. Uses Logan 786 glass cutting wheel.

  • Pull-type 90-degree cutter
  • Can mount to many Logan board mounted cutters and straight edges

You can also buy the cutting fluid for the Logan 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite, separately.

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Logan 5000 8-Ply Mat Cutter is designed primarily to cut to 8-ply mat board but can be adjusted to cut standard 4-ply mat board also. The 5000 features an ergonomic and magnetic blade holder with an easy adjustable blade depth knob plus start and stop indicator for zero over cuts. The #5000 8 Ply Bevel Cutter is compatible with Logan Compact series, Artist Elite and Simplex series mat cutters.


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