ART LOGIC COMPLETE AIRBRUSH STARTER KIT. For use with water or alcohol based inks, paints and dyes. Includes an Artlogic Mini Airbrush Compressor with the following features: * Oil-less Piston Type 1/6hp compressor for maintenance free operation. * Auto-Stop function and built-in Airbrush Holder * Small, light (2.7kg) and compact (16x15x17.5cm) in aluminium case * Pressure Gauge and Pressure adjustable valve to set required working pressure in continuous working mode * Built in 0.3litre holding tank to ensure a constant stable airflow * Motor has thermal overload protection with illuminated On/Off Switch * Low noise level 47Db – Airflow rating 20 Litres per minute Artlogic Double Action gravity feed airbrush with 0.3mm Needle with 7cc cup Artlogic Airbrush Moisture Trap/Filter & 1.83m long Braided Airhose