Large Resin Coaster Molds

Large Resin Coaster Molds, 1 Pcs Large Tray Molds
✔EXTRA LARGE SIZE: This kit includes 1 x large tray with four compartments, perfect for making coasters, place mat, candle holder, tray for fruits, spoon rest for kitchen etc.
✔DURABLE SILICONE MATERIAL: These are made of high-quality silicone material, very flexible and durable, the finished product is very shiny and transparency.
✔COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS CASTING MATERIALS: These are compatible with diverse casting materials such as concrete, plaster, polymer clay etc
✔EASY TO RELEASE&CARE: You just need to twist the silicone mold and release the pieces out of the molds when the resin is completely cured. Or you could use mold spray, it helps extend the mold’s life.  After you used, wash them with soap water, let them dry out and keep them in flat, store in a cool place, avoid the heat and sharp tools.
✔ATTENTION: It is best to pour resin in layers for this large coaster mold. If large amounts are mixed in one time, it may result in overheating and warping. The chemicals heat up faster when larger amounts of resin are mixed at once and may burn or warp your pouring cup or mold.


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