Steampunk Gears

The Artist Warehouse now stocks Steampunk Gears. Perfect for your next resin project. Steampunk’s look is inspired by the fashions of the Victorian era, England. The Civil War era in the United States. Clothing from these eras is often modernized by the addition of mechanical elements with gears showing. It has become a big deal in modern-day pop culture and cosplay.

With this set coming in an assorted pack of 75 different sizes. Ranging from 4mm to 35mm in diameter and made of metal. These are the perfect addition to any steampunk gear resin project you have in mind. You can simply add these gears with some of our metallic pigments. To create stunning visuals pieces that pop and create a perfect talking point in your home. The metal construction ensures no unwanted colour bleeds from the gears into the resin. If resin isn’t your thing you can also be apply these steampunk gears to a prefabricated timber board. Creating a stunning steampunked-themed clock or hangable artwork to compliment your existing decor.

The gears also make great additions while creating cosplay costumes. Used in a variety of ways to create a range of costume pieces in any creative way you see fit. A few include glasses, masks, gauntlets, and gaming/movie props.



Take a look at this Steampunk gear orgonite pyramid here.