Kustom Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste


Kustom Grit – Step 2

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Kustom Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste

Kustom Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste is the second step in the  Kustom Grit Wood & Resin Polishing set. It is easy to use and apply to your resin or wood project.

After wiping the piece clean from Kustom Grit Step 1, simply apply Kustom Grit Step 2 with paper towel or cloth to the work piece. Use a cloth or buffing pad to work the product into the piece. After buffing, use a clean piece of paper towel or cloth to wipe any excess from the resin to give the resin the best finish. The materials used will protect any wood used in the work piece and the resin can be free from oils. For best results, use a buffing pad to work Kustom Grit into the work piece. Kustom Grit can be applied by hand and can also be used for lathe work. We recommend using Low RPM between 400 to 800. Kustom Grit Microfine abrasive is rated at 100,000 Grit.

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