Helmar Silicone Oil

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Helmar Silicone Oil

Helmar Silicone Oil is made of 100% Silicone Oil, is clear, odourless and non-toxic. It is also resistant to oxidation and UV light and is chemical and weather resistant. It coats onto a surface readily and is very compatible with most materials. Helmar Silicone Oil can be used around the home and on sporting equipment. It can also be used in industrial applications and automotive use and is great for creating cells in paint pouring and in your mixed media works!

It is a dispersing agent and can be used to create a variety of effects including cells in resin or acrylic pouring artworks. Artists can drop Silicone oil directly onto the fluid paint or resin after it’s applied to create interesting cellular details. Alternatively, you can mix the silicone oil with the paint or resin before applying.

Please note: Silicone Oil may cause marking in resin if applied from a great height. If you are using a resin/Silicone oil mix, make sure you allow the base resin layer to sit for approximately 10 minutes before applying. We also suggest experimenting with a sample piece prior to creating a final artwork. Helmar Silicone Oil is compatible with most materials, and is a colourless, odourless oil that’s non-toxic.

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Helmar Silicone Oil

1 Litre, 125ml




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