MAD Scratch-resistant Countertop Resin

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2Lt and 20Lt Kits


  • Ratio: 3:1 mix by weight
  • Curing Time: 8 to 12 Hours
  • 1mm – 5mm thick
  • Scratch-proof

Surfaces: concrete, timber, bench tops, stone, paper & board.


MAD Scratch-resistant Countertop Resin

Are you looking for a reliable, inexpensive, high impact, Scratch-resistant final coat clear epoxy resin? Then MAD Scratch-resistant Countertop Resin is what you need.

When it comes to protecting and preserving your floors, benches, countertops, artworks etc, you need a reliable and affordable option that will last. There are dozens of different resin coating options, but they can be extremely expensive and just don’t stand up to the wear and tear.

Our MAD Scratch-resistant Countertop Resin is ideal for use in the home or business. It can be used on floors, timbers, stone and more. It is a high impact, Scratch-resistant coating making it ideal when you need that extra protection.

The mixing ratio is 3:1 by weight with a curing time of approximately 8 to 12 hours, full set in 72 hours. To give your surfaces a beautiful look, you can mix the clear epoxy with various colour pigments.

MAD Floor & Final Coat Resin is a high impact, scratch resistant epoxy resin. It is ideal for flooring, but can be used to cover any surface to provide extra protection.


  • Ratio: 3:1 mix by weight
  • Curing Time: 8 to 12 Hours (Full Set in 72 hours)
  • Temperature resistant to Approx. 130 C
  • 1mm – 5mm thick
  • Scratch-resistant resin

Surfaces: concrete, timber, bench tops, canvas, stone, paper & board.

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Final Coat Resin

Large Kit 3:1 Ratio – 20Lt, Small Kit 3:1 Ratio – 2lt


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