Chroma Solvent Varnish 200ml

Chroma Solvent Varnish are a non-yellowing solvent-based varnish that is suitable for use on both oil and acrylic paintings. This means that paintings can be cleaned more easily at a later date by swabbing with mineral turps. Chroma Solvent Varnishes are available in Satin, Gloss and Invisible. Invisible Varnish provides a protective coating and does not alter the surface quality of a painting.

Chroma Solvent Varnishes are self-levelling, giving an even finish. They are ideal for you to use as a final protective coating on your painting. The Invisible Varnish is also perfect if you want to retain the surface quality of your original paint finish, as it will provide a protective coating without altering the surface quality of your artwork.

Ensure you apply Chroma Solvent Varnishes in a well-ventilated area. Wash brushes with a white spirit after using them to apply solvent varnishes.  These varnishes are strippable and can be removed at a later date, with mineral spirits.

More Information about Chroma Solvent Finishing Varnishes

  • Use WithAcrylic, Oil
  • ApplicationPainting
  • Size200ml
  • Medium TypeVarnish
  • Available in: Gloss, Satin and Invisible

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