RGM New Generation Spatulas

RGM New Generation Spatulas are stainless steel palette knife with mirror polished and flexible blade. Provides excellent spreading ability of colours.

Ergonomic handle in natural wood with brass rivets.

About RGM

For the fine arts since 1961 The RGM company takes its name from its founder Rosa Gastaldo Mario, who, towards the end of the 1950s, realized that the fine arts market was looking for technical and high quality products. So in 1961 he decided to fill this gap and founded his company in Maniago, a city of cutlery and full of skilled craftsmen in steel processing. Here the company could easily find expert collaborators who, together with the collaboration with local artists, allowed RGM to become a reference point in the fine arts market. Over the years the company has developed considerably, passing to his son Edoardo who, who grew up in the family business, wanted to challenge international scenarios, leading RGM to conquer new markets and giving life to fruitful collaborations with international and contemporary artists. With this new push, RGM has refined and specialized its products, thus increasing its range and becoming a point of reference for the sector of fine arts and quality products of Made in Italy. Today, with the most complete range of items for artists and restorers worldwide, RGM is synonymous with Art.


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