Molotow Masking Liquid Marker

Masking Fluid Pens allows the artist to block out areas so that they do not want to accept colour. These Molotow Masking Liquid Markers are used to create striking white highlights or areas for over painting at a later stage. Forms a fast drying water-resistant film on watercolour paper and board, easily removed when dry by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue or cotton bud. An old brush, pen or cotton bud should be used to apply the Masking Fluid as it is extremely difficult to remove from brushes once dry.

The Grafx Masking Liquid Pen or marker is a convenient tool to block out areas of an artwork when using water colour, ink or airbrush. Once applied, the masking fluid will retain the white of the page or previous colour that was painted. They are ideal for fine detail and creating sharp edges. The Flowmaster valve ensures precise and clean application. Simply shake the maker gently before use and apply the masking fluid directly to the areas to be masked. The allow to the fluid to dry completely (min. 10-15mins) before painting. Then  you just remove by rubbing with an eraser or fingers. The blue coloured allows the masked area to be able to see easily. Make sure you remove masking within 2 days.

These Masking Fluid Pens are available in 2mm and 4mm and a 30ml refill.

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