Archival Odourless Classic Medium

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Classic Odourless Painting Medium


Archival Odourless Classic Medium

Gives a long manipulation time for over painting and great control over detail. Recommended for experienced painters who work all day on the same painting. Archival Odourless Classic Medium is a general purpose oil painting & glazing medium that remains workable. It is a modified stand oil-based medium for painters who prefer slower drying. It’s ideal for thinning paint while maintaining a rich, luminous finish when dry, lends greater control for detail work, and offers longer manipulation time for over-painting, glazing, and wet-in-wet techniques. It can be used throughout a long painting process or for slow glazing on top of fast underpainting. Do not use fast-drying mediums over the top of Classic Medium, as the tension between the paint layers caused by the different drying times may be strong enough to crack. Odorless Classic Medium generates very little vapor, resulting in healthier and more pleasant painting sessions.

Archival Oils painting Medium:

  • Archival Odourless Oil Medium is a slow drying medium used to thin oil-based paints allowing for longer working time without diminishing any of the colour or lustre of the paint.
  • When mixed with paint it enables the artist to maintain greater control with detailed pieces and alter as they work.
  • It’s the perfect solution for the artist that enjoys a leisurely painting pace or your inner perfectionist.
  • The odourless formulation makes for a pleasant painting experience without giving off nasty fumes that other solvents like turpentine can.
  • Ideal for glazing techniques and painting wet-in-wet. Dries with a low sheen within 24 hours.


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