Holbein Gouache Iridori Seasons Sets

Holbein Gouache Iridori Seasons Sets are a new addition to the Holbein Artists’ Gouache that is made from the finest pigments selected for high density saturation and light-fastness. They are more finely ground than other competing products. Holbein adds no opaquing agents to their gouache colours. They are a great gift idea.

Holbein Designer Gouache will always gives consistent, reliable results without “milking out”, darkening or muddiness. These beautifully presented sets represent the colour themes for the various seasons.

Sets contains 12 x 15ml Tubes Made in Japan.

Holbein Gouache Iridori Seasons Sets Colours

  • Summer Set: White, Black, Edo Violet, Oriental Blue, Ultramarine, Bamboo Green, Evergreen, Spring Green, Taisha Brown, Canola Yellow, Orange Yellow, and Scarlet.
  • Autumn Set: Antique Rich Gold, Indigo, Elm Green, Pine Tree Green, Leek Green, Smoked Bamboo, Bark Brown, Amber, Amur Cork Yellow, Gardenia Yellow, Orange, and Safflower Red.
  • Winter Set: Crimson, Iron Oxide Red, Russet Brown, Dark Brown, Patina, Russet Green, Geisha Blue, Hummingbird Blue, Peony, Rikyu Grey, Blue Black, and Antique Gold.
  • Spring Set: Antique Silver, Silver Grey, Bellflower, Dayflower Blue, Myosotis Blue, Seedling, Pale Patina, Light Ochre, Lemon, Kerria Japonica Yellow, Pale Coral, and Vermillion.

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