Schmincke Eco Brush Cleaner

Ecology minded users of acrylic and oil colours will appreciate Schmincke Eco Brush Cleaner, a new mild smelling, water based and very effective cleaner which meets the artists’ requirements also regarding environmental aspects. The Eco brush cleaner is a fast-acting, biodegradable special cleaner for removing dried residues of acrylic and oil colours on working tools or polluted surfaces. Use: Soak residues of oil or acrylic colours with the Eco brush cleaner, then rinse with clear water.

The Environmentally Friendly Brush Cleaner!

  • For cleaning painting tools like brushes and palettes.
  • Submerge brush only to the ferrule – in accordance to the used lacquers the product might also solve the varnish of the brush handle.
  • Eco brush cleaner based on water/alcohol is not suitable as thinner for oil colours, oil mediums or varnishes.
  • The product is not suitable as a solvent for varnishes and resins.
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Individual pre-tests are required.

General hints for cleaning brushes 

  • Please clean brushes as soon as possible, just before the artists´ colours get dried.
  • Before cleaning scratch the paint nearly restless out of the brush.
  • Brushes should not rest unnecessarily long in brush cleaner.
  • Don´t place the brush directly on the brush tip – this would deform it´s hairs and bristles.
  • Also brushes cleaned with brush cleaner should be cleaned thoroughly with water and curd soap after finishing work.
  • Brushes should be dried almost at room temperature and not e.g. on a radiator.

Sizes: 60 ml and 200 ml

Contains: water, alcohols, surface-active agents.

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