Gamsol Odourless Mineral Spirits

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Gamsol Odourless Mineral Spirits

Gamsol Odourless Mineral Spirits are 100% pure odourless mineral spirits (OMS); a safe, clean solvent for oil painting. They have a low permissible exposure level compared to other brands. ANd they are perfect for cleaning brushes and cleaning up after print making. Gamsol are the safest solvent on the market. They are mild enough to use with coloured pencils and are available in 4 sizes.

Primary Uses for Gamsol:

  • Thinning oil colors. A little goes a long way; stiff oil colors relax immediately when a little Gamsol is added. Be careful not to thin oil colors too much with solvent alone, this can compromise the ability of the paint to form a paint film.
  • Modifying painting mediums. Our Galkyd line of painting mediums are formulated with Gamsol, so they readily accept Gamsol as a thinning agent. Note: Gamsol should not be added to painting mediums made with natural resins (dammar, copal, mastic). They require strong solvents such as turpentine.
  • Studio clean-up: brushes, palettes, palette knives, etc.

Gamsol is special: it is made for products and processes that come into more intimate contact with the body such as cosmetics, hand cleaners, and cleaning food service equipment.

Gamsol is a petroleum distillate but all the aromatic solvents have been refined out of it, less than .005% remains. Aromatic solvents are the most harmful types of petroleum solvents. In addition, Gamsol’s flashpoint allows it to ship via air cargo as a non-hazardous material.

All of these factors have lead to Gamsol being used widely in oil painting classrooms; in those classes, there are no solvent odors, only the wonderful smell of oil colors.

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