Holbein Artists’ Pencil Sets

Holbein Artists’ Pencil Sets contain different selections of soft and vivid artists’ coloured pencils and are available in sets of 36, 50 and 150. The Wooden Boxset also comes with a bonus pencil sharpener and bottle of liquid blender.

Each pencil has an extremely soft and buttery feel with a vibrant colour laydown. Holbein use high-grade pigments, which exhibit little fading or discolouration by light. The mixture of oils, waxes and premium pigments result in a very thick layer of colour that is vivid and permanent.

Holbein Artists’ pencils have a comfortable 7.8 mm round barrel with a thick 3.8 mm core, giving artists the ability to lay down a lot of colour at once. The pencils are pre-sharpened and require use with a good quality sharpener because of their softness. This softness and the richness of colours make these very good for colourful works or for enhancing aspects of a drawing that you want to stand out.

Ideal to draw, blend and overpaint. The pencils feature an oil-based medium to hard 3.8mm thick lead core. Made from a blend of wax, fats and oils, these pencils are classed as a soft oil coloured pencil. They contain a high grade pigment which helps ensure little pigment fading or light discolouration. They work well on any kind of paper with excellent covering and blending capabilities.


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